Zero Latency VR South Austin

Far Cry VR

  • Try to escape with your freedom and life with up to 8 players on a tropical island overrun with modern pirates.
  • Developed by Ubisoft as a Zero Latency exclusive and based on the highly acclaimed title 'Far Cry 3' on console and PC.
  • Full freedom of movement in our 2,000 sq ft. arena to run and take cover from the pirate's barrage of bullets.
  • Test your aim and skill in realistic firefights using an AK-47 and crossbow as you traverse through a postcard-perfect tropical island.

Get Ready to Learn the Definition of Insanity

You and your group are vacationing on a tropical island when you're kidnapped by modern pirates led by their ringleader Vaas Montenegro. These pirates release you onto the island with the intention to hunt you down for sport- but dont worry, youre not defenseless! To make things interesting and dangerous, they equip you with an AK-47 and a crossbow. What they dont know is that you're the hero of this story and are prepared to fight with all you've got. Explore dilapitated settlements, vibrant caves, ancient temples and more in your quest for freedom. Will the pirates win their little game and move on to the next victims, or will you show them that you dont go down easy and earn your freedom? You're about to learn the definition of insanity.

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Zero Latency VR South Austin
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