Zero Latency VR South Austin

Sol Raiders

  • Compete with your friends and family in our epic 4v4 PVP shooter, Sol Raiders!
  • Designed for balanced, competitve play and tournaments.
  • Battle over objectives and score in 3 distinct maps including: Turbine Station, Dark Wreck, and Mining Canyon.
  • Hone your aim, tactics, and communication as you face your greatest challenge yet.. other players!

Experience PVP VR like never before! Built for competitive and casual play.

In the far off future, Earth is gone. The last remnants of humanity are traveling the universe in search of new worlds and new wealth. An ancient civilization in a corner of the galaxy left behind Sol, a power source unlike anything humanity has ever seen. If you can recover Sol, the last standing megacorps will make you quite rich. But youre not the only Sol Raiders in the galaxy. Often, sites where Sol is found become a war zone. Step into your remote mech rigs to deploy to the site of Sol, fend off the opposing raiders, and make your claim to fortune. The winners make the big score and the losers are just scrap metal.

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Zero Latency VR South Austin
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