Zero Latency VR South Austin

Undead Arena

  • Compete with up to 8 total players to be the star of the show in the Mad Max style, post-apocalyptic game show: Undead Arena!
  • Survive timed waves of undead that increase in intensity.
  • Defend window spawns and activate deadly fire and explosive traps to thin down the undead hoard.
  • Wield 3 distinct weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow.

You're the star of the show! All eyes are on you.

You and your group are the new underdog contestants in the brutal, globally broadcasted, Undead Arena. You'll fight for your life against wave after wave of undead; for the enjoyment of families across the globe sitting safely in their living rooms. Wield an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Crossbow as you cut your way through each wave of zombies. Keep an eye out for traps around the arena, the producers of the show need you to stay alive long enough so they can make their content! Will you be the next winning contestants or remain in the arena as one of the undead?

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Zero Latency VR South Austin
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